A Letter From Williamston, NC

Sam Ervin letter

Williamston, North Carolina

March 6, 1964

Senator Sam Ervin Jr.,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Ervin,

Like Chub Sewell, “all I know is what I read in the paper”, and what I read I do not like. I am referring to the Civil Rights Bill. How it ever passed the House, I can not understand, unless it was “hot” and they preferred for the Senate to handle, and thus inherit any criticism.

I distinctly see two places that I feel is not right. One is the right to handle my business as I fell [sic] is right and proper – and for the best result for my business. Two, if there is any infraction, deviation, or disobedience, I am judged by the “executive” department, not the “judicial” department.

So, feeling as I do, I am asking that you vote AGAINST the civil rights bill [sic], and do all possible to see that same is not passed. If a bill is offered that does not take away MY civil rights, then I will reconsider.

That I might be better informed, kindly send me a condensation of this particular Bill.

Thanks and best wishes,

Ben D. Courtney
Owner manager

[Transcribed by Sophie Flotron]

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