A Letter from Salisbury, NC

James W. Hopkins, Jr.
125 S. Lloyd Street
Salisbury, North Carolina

The Honorable Sam Ervin
United States Senate
Washington 25, D.C.

Dear Senator:

I am writing to you to voice my opinion about the pending Civil Rights Bill. I think that if the United States is to maintain its role as the leading country in the world, it must do as any leader does; set good examples.

American foreign policy makers constantly preach “justice” to the nations of the world, so I think that if we as a nation are to hold true to this precept, we must start a program of practicing total justice and equality to all our citizens regardless of ethnic background.

You and many of your cohorts have suggested that the Public Accommodations section of the bill would infringe upon the property rights of the individual. Well, sir, I feel that when property rights conflict with basic human rights, I feel that the latter of the two should take precedence.

Senator, if you feel that voting for this bill would harm your political future, I am sure that your constituents would honor you more for your courage, rather than shun you, should you vote for it.

With the firm conviction that you will bar all personal prejudices, and vote for this progressive, pro-American piece of legislation, I remain, sincerely yours,
James W. Hopkins, Jr.

[Transcribed by Hannah Park]

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