A Letter from Albemarle, NC

271 North Third Street
Albemarle, North Carolina
March 23, 1964
Sam Ervin
Member, United States Senate
Washington, D.C.
Dear Mr. Ervin:

The civil rights bill upon which you will soon vote is a matter of grave concern to all of us. It is a subject which we cannot afford to take lightly and I am sure that you have thought over your stand very carefully. As one of the people whom you represent I should like to tell you that I am definitely in favor of this bill. I hope that you will take into consideration the college students and college graduates of which I am one. The younger people in North Carolina, as a whole, are extremely broad-minded and would like to see progressive legislation passed.

I have learned from the newspapers, radio, television and other sources of information that the Southern senators are not in favor of this bill. I understand that this would be your first reaction, because of the fact that the Southern bloc always opposes things of this nature. But please try to see this, not as an issue in North Carolina alone, for it is much more than that. It is something which will affect everyone and which must be seen as something for the good of all men, not just the Southern conservatives.

I am sure that the decision which you make will be the right on as far as you are concerned. I can only hope that you will take my letter and others like it into consideration.

Very sincerely yours,

Betty Richardson

March 25, 1964

Miss Betty Richardson
271 North Third Street
Albemarle, North Carolina
Dear Miss Richardson:

This is to thank you for your thoughtful letter of March 23 which I have read with much interest.

I very much appreciate the expression of your views on the matter of the pending civil rights proposals. However, I do not feel that I can in good conscience support this legislation. This is ture (sic) for reasons states by me on the Floor of the Senate and in a recent article published in the North Carolina Law Review. I am enclosing copies of such statements and ask tthat (sic) you accept them as answer to your letter.

With all kind wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,


Sam J. Ervin, Jr.



[Transcribed by Alec Martschenko]

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